Marrons Glacée – Candied Chestnuts


Real Marrons Glacée made with Piedmont chestnuts, candied in vanilla syrup.

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Real Marrons Glacée made with Piedmont chestnuts in vanilla syrup.

Panache is one of the few retailers who will never sell preserved varieties of Marrons as many other retailers do, preferring to only offer freshly drained and prepared Marrons, delivered to you without the need for long term preservation techniques which diminish their flavour and texture.
Each Marrons is then wrapped in wax paper and our coloured aluminium foils, to prevent any excess syrup leaking and to help preserve their soft and succulent texture for as long as possible with freshly presented Marrons.

Chestnuts gathered from the groves and forests of Piedmont are collected, peeled and candied using long standing methods of old. First softened by soaking the chestnuts in aged oak barrels of water for a period of time, they are then ready to be submerged in Bourbon vanilla syrup, absorbing the sweet flavour, before being tinned to preserve their freshness in the most natural way possible.

Once ready for preparation, we drain them and wrap them ourselves, meaning that no artificial preservation methods are needed, which would often harden and always diminish the quality when compared to fresh, real Marrons Glacée.

We are sure that if you are a fan of candied chestnuts but have only bought preserved varities, you will be astounded by the supreme quality of a fresh Marron Glacée.

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Marrons Glacée


Vanilla, Chestnut


Chestnut, Glucose Syrup (Sulphites)


Chestnut, Glucose Syrup (Sulfites),, natural vanilla, sugar

Possible Trace Allergens

Made in a factory that handles: Hazelnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Sesame, Egg, Dairy, Cereals (gluten), Sulphites, Soybean

Production Time

1 Day


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