Swiss Petits Fours Selection

Product no.: C PF-1

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£135.00 / kilogram(s)

Swiss made Petits Fours, mini cakes and biscuits, made with chocolate, nuts or fruits, using only the finest ingredients.



Mini rectuangular sponge cake with layers of chocolate and a paper thin chocolate icing.

Mini square pastry bowl filled with walnuts and syrup

Mini round lemon tartlet

Mini round strawberry jam cake

Mini square pastry with a layer of apricot jam and a chocolate hex decoration

Mini rectangular chocolate cake with chocolate icing base

Mini square pastry with marzipan, pistachio and a chocolate icing base

Mini rectangular strawberry jam pastry

Mini rectangular apricot jam pastry

Mini square marzipan, chocolate and flaked almond cake

Mini shell-shaped pastry with lemon and chocolate

Mini round pastry with chocolate and marzipan


To preserve freshness, selections are sold in assorted 500g packets that will remain fresh for weeks until opened, half a packet at a time.

500g is approximately 70 petit fours


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