158 years of experience and tradition

Panache chocolates feature multiple award winning chocolate bonbons from some of France’s most prestigious chocolatiers and confectioners; some with their own histories stretching back more than 130 years. As Panache is a family business built on its own long history and tradition going back over 150 years, we are proud to be associated with some renowned chocolatiers with a common heritage and a shared long-lasting love of our crafts. In our long history, a constant quest for the very best means we are only satisfied with nothing less than excellence in everything we offer.

A sort of modern alchemy that makes delicate chocolate couvertures and fillings, created by almost magical processes which transform cacao into luxurious chocolate and grinds nuts into tasty pralines; are the heart of all quality chocolate. We are sure you will adore our chocolates as much as we do, and anyone you deem lucky enough to receive a gift of Panache chocolates will be sure to appreciate their variety, delicacy, and subtle brilliance


All natural ingredients, locally sourced

Using only the finest locally sourced ingredients from the nearby forests of Southern France and Northern Spain & Italy, and carefully selected cocoa pods from 9 different locations around the world, chosen to compliment each particular chocolate’s filling, we are confident you will find the chocolates we offer to be delicious, light, moreish and rewarding to the palette. All our confectioneries are 100% free from any Palm Oil, GMO ingredients or artificial colours or flavourings.

We offer a selection of over 60 different varieties of handmade French chocolate bonbons, featuring several International Chocolate Award, Blue Ribbon and Intersuc award winners and finalists, from internationally recognised chocolatiers: with fillings ranging from various pralines, to ganaches, pate de fruit, and other exciting textures and flavours, using only 100% cocoa butter from the finest cocoa pods and featuring single origin chocolates: in a delicate art of blending cocoa beans and selecting those with the most promising aromatic profiles that compliment their varied fillings.


Artisanal chocolatiers in the French countryside

Although no longer selling our family’s famous baklawa and other Mediterranean sweets direct to the public anymore, with Panache, we continue a family tradition of over one and a half centuries: sourcing the finest European sweets, chocolates and other delicacies from some of the best artisans in the world and presenting them in luscious offerings; now from our store in London, for over 40 years.

The chocolates we offer are made with luxury cocoas sourced from nine different locations, using the finest Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar; with carefully selected Valencia and Marcona almonds from Spain, Roman hazelnuts from Italy, and the finest white sesame and cashews from India. Every one of the ingredients is sourced and selected with the greatest care. We are constantly seeking chocolates and other confectionery made with only the very best ingredients to widen out our flavour repertoire, to offer new chocolate pleasures, and to continually delight our customers.

Using a factory that today is one of only a handful of French chocolatiers to make their own chocolate from scratch, starting with raw cacao beans; featuring single origin chocolates as well as being credited with inventing “haut chocolat” in the late 19th century, the art of combining cacao beans of different origins to create chocolate with unique flavours and aromas


French Chocolates, Sugared Almonds, Marrons Glacées and more

Almost all of our chocolates can be individually wrapped in our pleated aluminum foils of various colours, to create our themed presentations; ideal for display at large and small events due to their beauty and the hygiene protection provided by the foil wrappings.

We also offer the finest sugared almonds, specially selected for their uniform size and shape and with the thinnest of sugar coatings, chocolate covered almonds & hazelnuts in a selection of couvertures, handmade French hard-boiled bonbons, caramels made with a range of natural ingredients; real Italian marrons glacée candied chestnuts from Piedmont, delivered to you freshly drained from their vanilla syrup – not the persevered varieties that other retailers rely on; and much more.

All of our confectionery is carefully chosen to be amongst the finest in the world, and by working with a select collection of different artisans, we are able to choose the best on offer with each type of confectionery presented to our customers, no matter what you are looking for.